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Every aspiring star in Cornwall, whether they’re a musician, athlete, creative writer, or STEM enthusiast, deserves a chance to thrive. Talent flourishes with the right support, not just financially, but through mentorship and connections that cultivate their skills and confidence. It’s about more than meeting costs—it’s about enriching journeys and ensuring that no potential is left untapped due to limited resources.

Let us be the catalyst for their dreams…

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All of Cornwall's exceptional talent

Supporting young sportspeople, performing and visual artists and creative young people with the support they need to achieve in their field. No one is excluded.

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Creative Writers

If you're a talented writer who dreams of seeing your work in print, performed on stage or on screen, this award is designed with you in mind

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Spirit of Trevithick Award

Scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians

Are you an aspiring STEM innovator? Would you love to be mentored by a leading Cornish company in your field? Would you benefit from a financial award to help you bring your ideas to life?

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